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Pattern/No.94 Blouse with Small Tucks



short sleeve

three-quarter sleeves

Pattern/No.94 Blouse with Small Tucks

This blouse is a small tack there, We design the neck is visible and clean. To the clothes worn in layers with a cardigan etc.

Length  (All sizes) 58cm(22.83in)
Waist S 108cm(42.52in) M 112cm(44.09in) L 116cm(45.67in)

Fabric you need
(Long Sleeves)

w90cm(35.43in): 2m(78.74in)
w110cm(43.31in) : 1.9m(74.80in)
w150cm(59.06in) :1.3m(51.18in)
(Half Sleeves)

w90cm(35.43in): 1.8m(70.87in)
w110cm(43.31in) :1.5m(59.06in)
w150cm(59.06in) :1.1m(43.31in)

[H00221-C04-S02] No94 Pattern/Blouse with small Tucks

Price : 1680 yen


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