Please place your order via shopping cart which is on an item page.  For purchasing, your name, zip code, address, phone number, country and e-mail address are required. Remarks or special request can be given in a message space. Though Japanese might be garbled possibly、You can order at Japanese page .

If you place your order via Japanese site, please proceed according to the
following processes:

  1. Please select quantity.
  2. Please just single click to add the item into your shopping cart.
  3. Please single click the English button to convert the language for the shopping cart.
  4. Now you can work in English for shopping cart. Please single click'Proceed to Checkout' button.

(Additional Information)

*It is convenient if you register your own e-mail address on your address book.  To check whether the address is correct, send you an email with that address which you registered on your address book and if you receive the e-mail, that means the address is correct.
* Unless cookies are enabled on your computer we regret you will not be able to shop with us via this website successfully.
*You can purchase 21 items at a time. Sorry for your inconvenience but we ask you to use another cart to purchase more than 21items.  
*If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by e-mailing to webmaster@lin-net.com .  
* Order by email. Please understand that we give priority to an order by a cart. We normally send an e-mail of confirmation within 2 working days after checking with the stock position, to the customer who has ordered by e-mail. If you order by e-mail, please specify the item name, the pattern, amount, your name, address, phone number,country, e-mail address. 
Please make it sure that you have
the right e-mail address:  


We normally ship the ordered article within 4-14 working days by FedEx or EMS .We will give you the notification if it will take more time for the shipment.

When some of the ordered articles is out of stock and expected to be back within 2 month, we automatically ship what available ASAP and keep the missing items as the back order. The back ordered article will be shipped when it will be ready. Please note that you will be charged additional shipping costs in that case. If you want to cancel the back order item, please give us the written notice by email or fax.In case the article would not be back to the stock in some reasons such as discontinuing by manufacturers or so, we also will inform you at the time of shipment.

 *We, LINNET, send an email of a shipping confirmation in a shipping notice email and the information of payment details at the time of shipment. (Not only a case of false registration of e-mail address, we tend to receive return e-mail with “hot mail”.)  

Thank you very much for your cooperation.


We accept payment via Paypal, and also credit card: VISA, MASTERCARD and AMEX .

Please avoid to use the debit card.

If you would like payment via Paypal, we will email you the grand total to be paid, with exact postage .
If you prefer to pay by credit card via our secured system VeriTrans3G, we will adjust the amount to be charged on your credit card.--
1.    We temporary charge JPY10,000 when you click to “SUBMIT THE ORDER” icon.
2.    We send you a confirmation mail with subtotal amount without postage.
3.    we will caliculate the exact postage by exact weight and measurement of the parcel .Then grand total amount including exact shipping cost will be charged on your credit card , or we claim the payment via Paypal from you.

You will have payment guide via Paypal and information of the credit card settlement with accurate shipping cost within 1 to 3 days after order placement. There is a time difference. The contact will be from 11:00 to 19:00 in Japan time.

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Returns are accepted within 14 days after receipt in case of discrepancy, or falty parts in the delivered items, after the prior notice to info@lin-net.com . Please note that the returns without prior notice are not be accepted.

We will replace the goods as soon as possible, or refund.

The shipping costs and duties cannot be refunded.  

As for the damage caused under transportation, If the shipment is made by EMS, you can claim the insurance to the post office at your convenience.  

You cannot return or exchange fabrics except for our mishandling or damage of the fabrics.    


We have service to send sample fabrics by post(a small piece approximately 5*5cm) to the customers with will to purchase.

We supply swatches of fabric since we would like to have an order about fabric after your possible satisfaction.
a.In the case of request only for sample, please send us an e-mail with your name, zip code, address, telephone number and names of the fabrics that you require to us at -.  Please understand if you send the email to the other address, we cannot handle your request as request of samples. You may request up to 3 samples per each time.
b. Even you order some fabrics at the same time you request samples, you may request up to 3 samples per each time.
c. We are not obliged to hold the stocks while you are requesting samples.


  If you ordered products for delivery outside Japan, you will be informed of the rate of delivery charges and other delivery information when or soon after  the goods will be ready to ship. All the duties and taxes charged will be your account.     If you have any questions or opinions, please feel free to contact us by an
e-mail. E-mail  


All information collected by LINNET is used for our shop only. We will not sell, publish or transfer any personal information or e-mail addressed to anyone for any purposes.




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Representative Director Satoshi MAEDA
Indication by a Specification Commercial Law  


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