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Pattern/No.88 Simple One Piece Dress


tall at 167cm(65.75in) M size

Pattern/No.88 Simple One Piece Dress

Plain one piece dress designed for various occasions.
You can make it with cotton jersey for relaxing,
and also make it with beautiful black linen or silk for formal occasions.
Having 4 sizes from S to XL.

Fabric you need: 
w150cm(59.06in) 1.5m(59.06in)
w110cm(43.31in) 2.3m(90.55in)
w90cm(35.43in) 2.5m(98.43in)

Length 101cm(39.76in)(all sizes)
Bust S 87cm(34.25in), M91cm(35.83in), L 95cm(37.40in) , XL 99cm(38.98in)
Waist S 79cm(31.10in) ,M 83cm(32.68in),L 87cm(34.25in), XL 91cm(35.83in)

[H00214-C03-S03] No88 Simple One Piece Dress Pattern

Price : 1406 yen



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